MyMDb-CE 2.1.1
New features:

- Version expanded to include "indexed (list A)" and "indexed (list B)".
- Adoption of DB profiles when creating a new database


- Query when exporting filtered film lists
- "FSK 0.A." is now equated with "FSK 0".
- new export buttons for the "Blue Button Set"
- Extension of the directory import by path and file names
- Line height can be set without limitation of cover height
- Double click on front/back cover opens image in external viewer
- Double click on No-Cover-Front-/Back-Cover opens selection dialog
- Program directories are displayed with "\" for Windows users


- Adjustments for IMDb parsing since their page was changed
- Adjustments for adding movies via an OFDb url
- When sorting with fixed columns, the last film remains selected
- Fixed typos in QI settings and batch processing
- "Edition" in batch processing is displayed with its own name
- Dynamic database path information for app sync now allowed
- Adjustment of search result when changing live search column
- Live search column at start is now also considered
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